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Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic braces help treat malocclusion (gapped or crooked teeth) issues or poor jaw alignment. Braces use a variety of mechanical techniques to enhance the alignment of teeth, and to provide a better bite and a more perfect smile for our patients.

Orthodontic Treatments

Types of braces

Metal braces: These types of braces use arch-wires and brackets made of premium-grade stainless steel. These braces have to be occasionally adjusted as the teeth shift towards the intended dental alignment. Patients have the option to choose from colorful elastic bands or subtle natural colours for their braces. Metal braces are the treatment option for patients with severe malocclusion or severe gap problems.


This orthodontic treatment uses customized aligners, designed using 3D technology, to help correct malocclusion and enhance dental alignment. These aligners are clear in nature, and virtually invisible, yet quite effective in correcting dental misalignment. Invisalign® is the perfect treatment option for our more aesthetically-conscious patients who prefer a more discerete yet effective orthodontic treatment. To see if an orthodontic dental treatment is the right option for you, or to discuss the various options, feel free to contact us for an orthodontic consultation

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