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Extractions involve removal of impacted teeth, broken teeth, or non-restorable teeth.
Prior to extractions, a full assessment is initially provided to first determine if extraction is the ideal treatment choice  for patient’s specific dental needs. If so, the area of the tooth is anesthetized so there is minimal discomfort.
To see if you are in need of extractions, please contact us today. During consultation treatment plan options and procedures most appropriate for your unique oral health condition will be discussed.

Following the Tooth Extraction Procedure:
After your extraction, your mouth will likely remain numb for a few hours due to the local anesthetic. While you are recovering at home, here are some tips to help aid in your healing:
•    Take painkillers as prescribed
•    Apply ice or a cold compress to the affected area to prevent swelling
•    Limit your physical activity for 24-48 hours
•    Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater
•    Do not drink from a straw for 24 hours
•    Do not smoke
•    Eat soft foods
•    Continue to brush, but avoid the extraction site



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